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The Usher Cup

We know there are plenty of competitions in the world of surfing, but not very often are they supported by a non-endemic surf brand. Yes we have non-endemic support to already established endemic brands, but not straight up non-endemic being the driving force behind it. To top that off, every other sponsor of this event is also non-endemic.

WERET – Style and Function

We’ve been lucky enough to be given the WERET Premium Surf Watch, with surf forecasting built in, all in an analogue time piece. Yep, this is not a watch in our opinion, it’s a time piece and pretty damn classy if you ask us.

Gen4 – Changing the Game

At 12 years old, I came home from a day of autograph hunting with friends Mitch Parkinson and Jack Freestone, from the 2004 Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks and announced over dinner, my mates wanted to be pro-surfers, but I thought I’d prefer to shape their boards.

Surfing Life Photo of the Year 2020

All surf related imagery is what we are looking for. Remember we are Surfing Life and we will be looking for that something that is focused on “The Surfing Life”, whether it is waves, travel, surfers, lifestyle or simply capturing surfing as you see it. Remember, we need to go … wow!

Puntorama 4.0

Stylish aerial wizardry fuelled by genius innovation laced with a dash of madness.If this sounds like you, it’s time for… PUNTORAMA 3.0A surfing aerial event in search of Australia’s very own lord of the skies!

South Coast Bushfire Appeal

As you are aware the South Coast of NSW has been devastated by the fires over the past week. Being part of the surf community we are asking your help to raise much needed funds to assist with the emergency at hand and to help rebuild these beautiful communities.

The Medina Myth

But, as he tells Surfing Life, he’s willing to do whatever it takes. Story: In a few minutes Gabriel Medina will make his debut at the Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast but right now he’s trying to compose himself. Surrounded by hundreds of fans, he stands alone on the rocks at Snapper Beach, head bowed, eyes closed and board cradled to his chest. Gabriel, a devout Christian, is praying.

Bersih Puntorama 3.0

What the hell is The Bersih Puntorama, and why would we be writing about it as a magazine that has long removed itself from the reporting of competitions?

Mt Woodgee and the Zoo that makes the magic happen.

Is that a little harsh? A zoo? I made a statement to the guys in there just recently, that if you don’t have to look after your creatives with kit gloves then you don’t have the right creatives, of this statement I got a nod of approval from Ian.

Surfing Australia – HPC

I was asked to join the guys at the High Performance Centre (HPC) for a days coaching and I was pumped. I’d been to the HPS three years ago almost to the day and had a cracking time with the coaching staff. My wife had bought me a two day “Adult Surf Camp” for my birthday… what a great gift. Had I have known how good it was I would have just booked it myself, but a lovely gift to be sure.

Hidden Bay is a hidden gem!

A trip to the Mentawai Islands is one that needs to be on the bucket list of every surfer. Towards the top of the list. It is an experience without comparison. A true feast for the senses.


In PART 2 we teach a new model for looking at movement of the human body. The exercises at the bottom will train your body to move with connection and flow.


In PART 1 we will introduce the foundations of neuroscience (brain science). This will help to understand how your thoughts, actions and habits influence the body.

The Paddle Out – Ep 007

It's that time of year when the tour wraps up and we have a good hard look at what has gone down this year,...

The Paddle Out – Ep 006

Welcome to the first ever guest episode of the Paddle Out with Dean 'Dingo' Morrison. We chat to the Ding about so many things...

Puntorama 3.0 – Air Comp

Stylish aerial wizardry fuelled by genius innovation laced with a dash of madness.If this sounds like you, it’s time for… PUNTORAMA 3.0A surfing aerial event in search of Australia’s very own lord of the skies!

Stay Sharp – CameraPro Tips

A life story about early surf exploration in the Mentawais and juggling home and domestic life in suburbia while the inner wild child tugs at your heart.

The Crystal Ball

In the digital age, with everyone being spoon-fed internet swell forecasts, it's still possible to use some old school weather forecasting and avoid the rest of the herd.
Ice and Sea

Sea & Ice

Let it be clear: the surf here has to be chased, and even when you find it, it probably will be nothing that resembles what was expected.

A night in with Craig Anderson

We sat down with him before he jumped on a plane to the other side of the world, and talked about all things in his universe.