First prize is a trip for the winner and their filmer to go to the Maldives on a 10 day boat trip*

Stylish aerial wizardry fuelled by genius innovation laced with a dash of madness.

If this sounds like you, it’s time for… PUNTORAMA 3.0

A surfing aerial event in search of Australia’s very own lord of the skies!

How to enter

Ramp up, take flight and tag your VIDEO clips with #puntorama @bersihthongs, @worldsurfaris and @surfinglife on Instagram to enter.

No VIP invitations for this comp. Land a sick punt and get into the top six, as judged by our expert panel.

Entry is FREE to Australian residents only.
Punts can be shot anywhere in the world, clips need to be shot in the last 12 months!

Entries Close 31st of March

A completely unique event

Top six hucksters move onto the
grand punt off!
May 28-30

The finals will be a fully mobile event using Coffs Harbour as the base for the event.
From Coffs we will go to where the surf is most puntable.

Once the site is chosen we will be rolling there, setting up and then the fun begins.
The competition will be run as a three hour, all in, recorded event.
No comp vests
No 30 minute heats
No priority
No debatable judging
No two best waves
No stuck at one spot

The format

The six surfers and one wild card will hit the water for a massive three hour “heat”.
All the waves will be recorded from 5 different cameras.

Once the three hours is up, all the footage will be collated by the filmers.

We will then go to the judging venue where food and drink will flow, while the footage is being run on a big screen and the surfers themselves will judge their own event
(no anticlimaxes here).

The WINNER will be the person the competitors deem the best surfer of the event via a anonymous vote. We will also be giving an award to the best single air of the event.

Then we celebrate… job done.

A unique Peer Review Event, where the competitors are the judges, with a video playback judging system.

Style, Commitment, Difficulty, Fluency and Landing

For the competition Terms and Conditions please download PDF below.

Sponsored by

Bersih Thongs
World Surfaris
Young Henrys
Surfing Life
Wyndham Resorts

Puntorama T&C

*Flights not included