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Puntorama 3.0 – Air Comp

A life story about early surf exploration in the Mentawais and juggling home and domestic life in suburbia while the inner wild child tugs at your heart.

Stay Sharp – CameraPro Tips

A life story about early surf exploration in the Mentawais and juggling home and domestic life in suburbia while the inner wild child tugs at your heart.
4 Recent Surfing Life issues featuring Mick Fanning on the cover

Mick’s Legacy

We’ve known about it for some time but when one of Australia’s best ever announces his retirement, it takes a while to sink in....

The Surfing Life of … The Malherbes

A life story about early surf exploration in the Mentawais and juggling home and domestic life in suburbia while the inner wild child tugs at your heart.

The Surfing Life of … Kirra-Belle Olsson

Kirra-Belle Olsson is an amazing young woman! The niece of Matt Wilkinson, who just might be more fearless and driven than her uncle!

Lifeline Classic – 30th April, Dee Why Beach

A great event for an even greater cause. The Lifeline Classic is nearly here, and White Horses has a team!
Hedge - full bore

Digitales : This week, Instagram’s very own – Surfcore2001

Digitales - where we spin our broom into the corners of the World Wide Web and drag the contents out for all to see – this week it's Surfcore2001.
WIlcox Climbing

Margs Pro Day two – Wildcard Wilcox

More Margaret River upsets than a week of the Bold and the Beautiful™. Medina, Wilkinson, Fanning and Kerr all sent to the Vineyards to count their losses.
North Point Contest Site

WSL North Point – Day 1 of the Margs River Pro in Pictures

The very first WSL heats ever surfed at the famous North Point in Gracetown. It didn't live up to the hype at all. And then Seabass happened!
Rod Dahlberg barrelled at his home

The Surfing Life of … Master Shaper Rod Dahlberg

Pre Shaping machines, Rod Dahlberg was the shaper behind Occy’s dominant years and world Title. Today Rod remains one of Australia's best shapers.
Zeke Lau destroy's a Snapper pocket

THE SNAPPER SIX – Rookies rule the day.

The new crop of WSL rookies has had a bunch of hype since they were announced. Today was the day where the rubber hit the road on that hype.
Owen, vertical off the top

THE SNAPPER SIX – 6 things about the Quiksilver Pro today.

Day one of the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper is over. Action aplenty and coming up with just six things was hard... it could have easily been 26 things!
Impeccable Kirra from up high

WSL SEASON 2017 – Snapper Rocks Preview

On the eve of the first WSL event for season 2017, Surfing Life previews the Quiksilver and Roxy Pros at Snapper Rocks, Queensland.
Tahiti - Shell Bankier

The Surfing Life of … Photographer Shell Bankier

A broken back in a horrific car accident which claimed her Dad's life has not stopped Shell Bankier from a career in shooting the world's heaviest waves.

New Wavepool set for Melbourne in early 2018!

With new and improved technology, and a signed lease already in place in Melbourne, next up is Sydney and Perth. Welcome to the future, baby!
Surfing Life Issue 335


https://youtu.be/pVUYh6vqhmk Surfing Life’s Travel Issue is dedicated to those who want to get out and have a look around, with plenty of pointers from longtime road warriors...
Lennox Head Solitude

Surveillance Society – Steve Shearer

The recent surf cam installed at Lennox Head raises some serious questions to surfing's future. Are surf cams ruining surfing? Can we stop them?

Avoca Crowned 2017 Boardriders Battle Champions

Even with a five-point deduction in the final, Avoca could not be stopped in winning the Aussie Boardriders Battle

The surfing life of … The world’s greatest ever Swedish surfer. Tim Latte.

A surfing story like no other you have ever read. Meet Tim Latte, Sweden's best ever surfer.

The Surfing Life of … Chris Michalak

30-years old and going all out on the 2017 QS for the first time. Just like his surfing in the water, Chris Michalak is doing things a little bit differently out of it.

Edge of Oblivion – Tahiti Code Red Swell

Photographer, Ted Grambeau's gripping account of his front row seat in the channel while Teahupo'o roared on the day of days. The Code Red Swell.

Trigg Point Nightmare

Trigg Point and waves of consequence aren’t really words you find in the same sentence, so in order to do so … we must...

The Surfing Life of … Darcy Ward.

The latest in our 'Surfing Life of ... series', features Darcy Ward, a Gold Coast Film maker with big ideas and a big future.

Stranger Things …

Words: Gra Murdoch Despite first hand accounts, sequences and ‘irrefutable evidence’, White Horses Editor Gra Murdoch remains unconvinced, though he wishes not to be. Wow, this has been...