Photography is art. The world’s best lensmen capture our surfing life.

Togat Nusa Retreat

Immerse yourself in one of the most wave rich regions on Earth.

Telos 101

Perfect waves for every type of surfer. With no crowds. Right on the equator.

Surf X – Sa’Moana

With largely undiscovered beauty both in the water and on land, Samoa is waiting to blow your mind.  

Ratu Motu

Experience the best bits of Indonesia, from one end to the other.  

Pohnpei Surf Club

From one of the planet's greatest right-handers to ancient ruins and world class fishing, Pohnpei has it all. 

Moon Palikir

The key to unlocking the ridiculous potential of the entire Mentawai chain. 

Shieldsy’s Travel Diaries: Tropical Cyclone Ola

Somewhere east of Western Australia.
Ryan Hipwood surfing Kirra - by Andrew Shield

Shield Super Session: Welcome Home To Pumping Kirra

Parko, Bede and Hippo back from Fiji and straight into a heavy jetski-assisted session at the GC's famed point break.