One of Surfing Life’s all time favourite surfing sons, Brenden Margieson, has been out of the public eye for a while. Anyone who has watched the Pulse™ series, filmed and edited by Justin Gane in the late 90’s and early 2000’s would be familiar with Margo.

For those kids tuning in just now … here’s a teaser of primetime Margo disembowelling Winkipop with his long-blade. When we posted this on Instagram, we posed the question right after the WSL Bells Beach contest, asking how far has surfing progressed. And which, if any current pro’s surfed the contest as good as what Margo is here.

Nearly 32, 000 views later, the response was overwhelming.

Nobody would beat Margo.

Since then

… little edits and photos of Margo surfing pop up from time-to-time on the interwebs.

Or. You might be luckier enough to share a peak with him on the Northern NSW coast here and there, as we have done.

The one thing when you see Margo surf today is; he hasn’t lost the flare and penchant for the big moves one little bit. He mightn’t be the rubber-bodied freak he once was, but Margo is still one of the best out there laying it all on a rail.

Which is why it is with much interest Surfing Life follows Margo’s son Micah’s surfing career. The young Margo, as he grows into his body is really starting to resemble his old man in the water.

The two went on a little surfing adventure down the coast recently and the super talented photographer, Dean James tagged along and took some snaps.


Father and Son. Margo and Micah.
All suited up and ready for the disco.
First wave in and Margo just doing Margo-like things.
He still bashes a lip like it stole his wallet.
Micah Blasting it back to where it came from. If this isn’t shades of Margo, we don’t know what is!
Arms extended, outside rail grab, rooster tails into the morning sky. The Margo lineage lives on.
Those big man turns where Margo would just park his arse in a wall and drive his rail through the turn. Well, yeah … Micah. We see you.
None of the timing and impeccable body positioning has left Margo’s surfing. And this is really where Micah resembles his old man. These are intangibles of surfing which can’t be taught.
Note Micah with the same impeccable timing off the lip and the body positioning. Head over his rail, legs extended getting full purchase through his board. Once Micah fills out into his body. Lookout!
Margo’s spray was his signature back in the Pulse series. Micah is already throwing buckets.
Micah inverted off a Northern NSW wall. This is only possible with maximum speed. Micah flows through his turns as naturally as his old man does. His speed is effortless, and this puts into places on a wave where this is possible.
As a dad, there is no stoke like sharing a few waves and moments in the ocean with your children … Margo is doing this dad thing, right.


Words /braithy : Photos /Dean James