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Surfing Life Gift Subscription (5 Issues)

From: AUD$49.00 for 1 year

This is a gift subscription for a fixed 12-month term (5 issues). At the end of the subscription, the recipient will be advised that they will need to re-subscribe in order to continue their subscription.


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We will make your loved one a better surfer. That’s the promise behind each issue of Surfing Life.

Recipients of a gift subscription will receive 5 issues, based on the 5 pillars of the surfing experience – Surfers, Surfboards, Waves, Travel and Technique – each issue dedicated to that subject alone, providing the substance, depth and authority that will have a direct impact on your surfing.

Gift Subscription recipients get:

  • 5 issues delivered to their door over 12 months
  • Each issue contains essential content created to inform and enhance your surfing life.

Gift Subscription givers get:

  • A discount on the cover price when compared with buying the individual issues.
  • 12 Months of lasting gratitude from the recipient as they receive their regular deliveries of Surfing Life stoke.

Release Schedule

Issue No. Cover Date Release Date
335 TRAVEL 2-Mar-2017
336 TECHNIQUE 1-Jun-2017
337 SURFBOARDS 10-Aug-2017
338 WAVES 9-Oct-2017
339 SURFERS 11-Dec-2017
340 TRAVEL 1-Mar-2018
341 TECHNIQUE 4-Jun-2018
342 SURFBOARDS 9-Aug-2018
343 WAVES 8-Oct-2018
344 SURFERS 10-Dec-2018