We’re not here to wrangle spiders. From teaching you how to handle a big wave wipeout, to keeping you paddle fit in flat spells or giving you the good oil on how to make your next board a magic one. We’ve got you covered. If you don’t come away from here wiser, stretchier and more confident in the water, we’ll give you a full refund!

Surf Equipment Knowledge is Power

Surfboard Buyer’s Guide 2017

Swing into a good surf shop, you know, the ones that sell surfboards, and all those resolutions not to buy any more boards, because, like, your room is full of ‘em, evaporate. You become...

Wetsuit Guide 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Surfing Life Wetsuit Guide. This year we have handpicked eight companies who are all at the top of their rubber-making game. We’ve broken Australia up into three temperature zones – North;...

Softboard Guide

They were originally scorned, ridiculed, and mocked. Walking down to the beach with one under your arm was a surefire way to be branded a kook by all those in within eyesight. But now...

Creativity, unleash your inner Picasso

Technique, learn from the masters

John John duck diving

John John Florence School of Duck-diving

Class is in, today's teacher is John John; and the subject is duck-diving.

Technique: The Classic Pro Turn

On automatic, somewhere in north-west Sumatra.

Technique: Finding Your Place

In surfing, place is everything. Place is vital. 

Stretching and healing, surf injury prevention and cure

Vicco Lineup shot

If you’ve ever had shoulder pain while surfing. Read this!

How many times have the waves been excellent, but the paddle out is beyond you? Read this, and do this for stronger paddling shoulders.

HOW TO: Beating Out Back Injuries and Surfing Better

Cara-Lee Goullée from Stoke Physio, gives us the good oil on protecting our back from injury and looking after it once it is hurt.

How To: Get Strong Ankles for Strong Surfing

As a surfer, the contact between your feet and your board is one of the most crucial aspects of wave riding.

The Truth About Your Ruined Knees

A look into the vast world of surfing and knee injuries. Part one.

Stretching The Truth

Breaking down the generic pre-surf warm-up, and why it just doesn't work. But, what does?

Life Skills.

How To – Pick a surf car for under 10 G’s

Australia, the great sunburnt land and it's vast amount of waves and beaches. They're just waiting for you ... but first you need the wheels to get there.
Surfing Sweden

HOW TO – Chasing Swell and Shadows in Sweden

Surfing in Sweden is for the brave. And, possibly the insane. Icy water, icier winds and long drives combine for hotly contested waves. What's not to love!

Shapers Series: What Not To Tell Your Shaper

Ben Wallbridge of Wallbridge Surfboards tells us what's better to be left unsaid when ordering a surfboard.