We will make you a better surfer. That’s the promise behind each issue of Surfing Life, and here you’ll find a truck-load of resources to help you along the way.

Surfing Australia – HPC

I was asked to join the guys at the High Performance Centre (HPC) for a days coaching and I was pumped. I’d been to the HPS three years ago almost to the day and had a cracking time with the coaching staff. My wife had bought me a two day “Adult Surf Camp” for my birthday… what a great gift. Had I have known how good it was I would have just booked it myself, but a lovely gift to be sure.


In PART 2 we teach a new model for looking at movement of the human body. The exercises at the bottom will train your body to move with connection and flow.


In PART 1 we will introduce the foundations of neuroscience (brain science). This will help to understand how your thoughts, actions and habits influence the body.
John John duck diving

John John Florence School of Duck-diving

Class is in, today's teacher is John John; and the subject is duck-diving.

How To – Pick a surf car for under 10 G’s

Australia, the great sunburnt land and it's vast amount of waves and beaches. They're just waiting for you ... but first you need the wheels to get there.
Surfing Sweden

HOW TO – Chasing Swell and Shadows in Sweden

Surfing in Sweden is for the brave. And, possibly the insane. Icy water, icier winds and long drives combine for hotly contested waves. What's not to love!
Mikala Jones inside the barrel

How To: Film inside the barrel with Mikala Jones

Mikala Jones is one of the best barrel riders in the world. He also pioneered GoPro POV angles inside the barrel. So there's no person better qualified to teach you as to how it's done.
Vicco Lineup shot

If you’ve ever had shoulder pain while surfing. Read this!

How many times have the waves been excellent, but the paddle out is beyond you? Read this, and do this for stronger paddling shoulders.

HOW TO: Beating Out Back Injuries and Surfing Better

Cara-Lee Goullée from Stoke Physio, gives us the good oil on protecting our back from injury and looking after it once it is hurt.

How To: Get Strong Ankles for Strong Surfing

As a surfer, the contact between your feet and your board is one of the most crucial aspects of wave riding.

Chilli – Spawn

Chilli - Spawn  5’9” x 18 5/8” x 2 3/16” Website Designed By: Chilli Surfboards Made With: 50/50 EPS, Epoxy Carbon Who Says What Shaper: James Cheal Built using...

Slater Designs – Tomo Sci-Fi

Slater Designs - Tomo Sci-Fi 5’6” x 18 1/2” x 2 5/16” Website Designed By: Slater Designs Made With: Linear Flex Technology Who Says What Shaper: Daniel 'Tomo'...

JR – The Zippo

JR - The Zippo 5’9 ½” x 18 3/8” x 2 ¼” Website Designed By: JR Surfboards Made With: Tri-Flex Technology Who Says What Shaper: Jason Rodd The JR...

DMS – Supercell

DMS - Supercell 5’8” x 18 5/8” x 2 ¼” Designed By: DMS Made With: Carbon Wrap Technology Who Says What Shaper: Dan MacDonald The Carbon Wrap technology...

Haydenshapes – Darkside

Haydenshapes - Darkside 5'9 1/2" x 18 3/8" x 2 1/4" Website Designed By: Haydenshapes Made With: FutureFlex Technology Fin Used: FCS II Who Says What Shaper: Hayden...

The Truth About Your Ruined Knees

A look into the vast world of surfing and knee injuries. Part one.

Technique: The Classic Pro Turn

On automatic, somewhere in north-west Sumatra.

Stretching The Truth

Breaking down the generic pre-surf warm-up, and why it just doesn't work. But, what does?

How to Survive Being Held Under At Nazare

Three monsters later, Andrew Cotton gives away his secrets.

Technique: Finding Your Place

In surfing, place is everything. Place is vital. 

Technique: Jack Freestone

This is the heart of surfing. And you could do this move tomorrow. You’ve just gotta see it.

Wiping Out At Teahupo’o

Mick, Bede and Kai talk us through their worst wipeouts, and what the hell happens when they disappear underwater.

How To Land An Air Drop

Even though this is an instructional video, please don't try this at home.

Addiction Medicine

Your foolproof guide to dealing with coral cuts, brought to you by resident doctor Joel Menzies.

Building A Surfboard, Episode Five: Glassing, Sanding & Finishing

The final touches you'll need to do before taking your newly shaped stick out for a shred.

Building A Surfboard, Episode Four: Fin Placement

In part four of our Building A Surfboard series Richard Harvey shows us where to place those fins.

Building A Surfboard, Episode Three: Fine Tuning the Blank and Bottom Layer Glassing

In part three of our Building A Surfboard series Richard Harvey shows us how to fine tune a surfboard.

Building A Surfboard, Episode Two: Plane Shaping

In part two of our Building A Surfboard series Richard Harvey shows us the second step of shaping your own board.

Building A Surfboard, Episode One: Selecting A Blank and Preparation

In part one of our Building A Surfboard series Richard Harvey shows us the first step of shaping your own board.