There is no clearer path to better surfing than by honing your technique. Learn from the masters.

John John duck diving

John John Florence School of Duck-diving

Class is in, today's teacher is John John; and the subject is duck-diving.

Technique: The Classic Pro Turn

On automatic, somewhere in north-west Sumatra.

Technique: Finding Your Place

In surfing, place is everything. Place is vital. 

Technique: Jack Freestone

This is the heart of surfing. And you could do this move tomorrow. You’ve just gotta see it.

Wiping Out At Teahupo’o

Mick, Bede and Kai talk us through their worst wipeouts, and what the hell happens when they disappear underwater.

How To Land An Air Drop

Even though this is an instructional video, please don't try this at home.

How To Surf Pipe With Kelly Slater

Ride shotgun with Kelly Slater during the Billabong Pipe Masters.