We were given the Osmo by the guys at DJI to test it out on our most recent trip to the Mentawais. Having used tonnes of POV/Action cams in the past we were keen to see how this little number went.

It looked for all intents and purposes just like most of the other action cams on the market, but with the DJI name behind it we knew it wouldn’t be rubbish. We used it in and out of the water with a handle and on the water housing of the stills camera, because we were using this one for video. It’s a great camera to simply keep in your backpack and to pull out anytime there’s any action or is likely to be. It turns on super quick and then you’re off and shooting and with small screen at the front it’s pretty good for the old selfie (no selfie shooters were harmed on this trip, lol).

The setting that I was most interested about was the Rock Steady setting. Our experience with most POV/Action cams is they can be quite shaky. With the Rock Steady setting on all of the shakiness goes out of the shot, don’t even need a gimble to be honest.

It a camera that has all the settings and resolutions you could ask for including shooting in 4K, which is getting more and more popular. We will be taking this camera with us on every trip from now on, being so small why wouldn’t you?

By Ray Bisschop