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The Paddle Out – Ep 031

In this episode of The Paddle Out we welcome one of the newest members of the World Tour Isabella Nichols. Bella tells us some great stories, including one that she hasn't shared openly, so don't tell anyone.

351 Waves Issue

Surfing Life 351 Waves Issue. On sale now!

The Paddle Out – Ep 030

This episode we catch up Sheldon Simkis, who is currently waiting for the tour to start again so he can jump onto The Challenger series and shake them up. There's no doubt that the future of Australian surfing is in good hands.

The Paddle Out – Ep 029

COVID-19, there we said it and we may say it a few more times on this episode of The Paddle Out. With Social Distancing being applied we have no special guests for this episode and talk about a heap of shizzle that impacts yours and our surf experience right now. Sit back and enjoy while you isolate.

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Surfing Life 350 Trave Issue. On sale now!

The Paddle Out – Ep 028

In this episode of The Paddle Out we are joined by Ian Byrne. Ian has been shaping for over 35 years, brother of the late great AB and Mt Woodgee's lead shaper. It's a good look at shaping and what going on right now.

The Paddle Out – Ep 027

In this episode we chat to the enigmatic Louie Hynd, areal wizard and style master. Join us as we go over his fun filled...

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

WOW, what a machine. To say that we are in love with this drone would be an understatement. The new Mavic is all-time, longer battery life and the zoom function, oh the zoom function. Time for a little bit of nerd talk, the lens has a focal range of 24-48mm, what the hell does that mean?


We were given the Osmo by the guys at DJI to test it out on our most recent trip to the Mentawais. Having used tonnes of POV/Action cams in the past we were keen to see how this little number went.

South Coast Bushfire Appeal

As you are aware the South Coast of NSW has been devastated by the fires over the past week. Being part of the surf community we are asking your help to raise much needed funds to assist with the emergency at hand and to help rebuild these beautiful communities.

The Paddle Out – Ep 026

In this episode we get to have a chat with the lovely Ellie J Brooks. Ellie is an ambassador for the Global Wave Conference...

349 Surfers Issue

Surfing Life 349 Surfers Issue. On sale now!

The Paddle Out – Ep 025

In this episode of The Paddle Out we are joined by Bede Durbidge. Runner up to the World Title and now the Head Coach...

The Paddle Out – Ep 024

In this episode of The Paddle Out we do the "The Paddle Out" as we hit the beach for the "Fight for the Bight"....

The Paddle Out – Ep 023

We head long and hard into World Title talks, what's happening at the pro level, what dreams Cheyne has had about who will win...

The Paddle Out – Ep 022

There are few people who were there when it all began and who are still making a huge difference in the surf industry. One...

The Medina Myth

But, as he tells Surfing Life, he’s willing to do whatever it takes. Story: In a few minutes Gabriel Medina will make his debut at the Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast but right now he’s trying to compose himself. Surrounded by hundreds of fans, he stands alone on the rocks at Snapper Beach, head bowed, eyes closed and board cradled to his chest. Gabriel, a devout Christian, is praying.

348 Boards Issue

Surfing Life 348 Boards Issue. On sale now!

Bersih Puntorama 3.0

What the hell is The Bersih Puntorama, and why would we be writing about it as a magazine that has long removed itself from the reporting of competitions?

Travel Partners AirAsia

As some of you may know things are a little tougher in the world of surf media these days, and without the support of partners like AirAsia to help us bring you stunning stories from far flung places, things would be a little average.

The Paddle Out – Ep 021

In this episode we have the legendary surfing pioneer Nat Young. Nat was part of the shortboard revolution and then became one of the...