Technique is defined as the “method of performance”. So how can a method change our surfing from kook-crap to Slater-great? When World Surf League (WSL) judges hand out a perfect ten, does this also mean the technique is flawless? To nail a textbook ten, the WSL use these methods of performance: commitment and degree of difficulty; innovative and progressive manoeuvres; combination of major manoeuvres; variety of manoeuvres; and speed, power, and flow.

This surfing criteria uses flow and focus, and when they’re in a harmonious state, we overcome plateaus and snatch fleeting moments of surfing greatness. There are two distinct styles of surfing: the first is the aggressive surfer who hacks and lacerates the face and lip, rockets white spray into the air, and with each muscle-rippling movement demonstrates power, strength, and athletic authority.

It’s as if the soul of surfing has been bombed; grenades of pure adrenaline and nuclear-fuelled manoeuvres are dropped into every critical section of the wave until its green life spasms into white radioactive decay… grab a copy to read more!

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