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The Crystal Ball

In the digital age, with everyone being spoon-fed internet swell forecasts, it's still possible to use some old school weather forecasting and avoid the rest of the herd.

Surfing Life #337 WAVES Issue

Our Promise: In this Issue of WAVES we will show you how to find waves, surf them and survive them. Plus a whole lotta eye candy!
Tahiti - Shell Bankier

The Surfing Life of … Photographer Shell Bankier

A broken back in a horrific car accident which claimed her Dad's life has not stopped Shell Bankier from a career in shooting the world's heaviest waves.

Masa – The surfing journey from Tokyo to Byron Bay

This classy little edit is a story we can all relate to. Once in your blood it's impossible to get it out, as we all pursue the ultimate Surfing Life.
Harley Ingleby, backhand barrel

Sanctuary – Clare Bath

This is surfing in Australia. Road trips, beach camping with an open fire and pumping waves with your mates. It doesn't get any better!

Sea Level

Here at the surfing life offices, we meet supremely talented people with a mix of awe and loathing. On one hand check out this hot...