Jingeri Jimbelung [Hello, my friends].

This heartfelt greeting is in the Yugambeh language of the Kombumerri people, one of nine Original clans in the Gold Coast region. 

Every quarterly publication features six pillars: Travel, Surfers, Culture, Waves, Technique and Boards. Teeming with impressive imagery and stimulating stories (warning: the “Surviving Death” article is intense—made my stomach churn, yet I couldn’t put it down!), as well as surfing’s historical wax-ball “Moments” and exclusive SL “Sections”, we embrace everything a surf mag should be: thick-set, throatier, gargantuan, glossy, rowdy, and brazenly contaminating the world with Aussie (Aussie Aussie) surf culture to enj-oi oi oi. Yep, we add this kinda cringe-worthy Dad-inspo witticisms, too, for the crusty barnacle crew.

Summer, it’s just better. Mangoes, stone fruit, melons and seafood, downed with South Pole-chilled chardy or iced-necked beer. It’s the festive season in Oz, and most importantly, summer brings significant swell…

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