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DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

WOW, what a machine. To say that we are in love with this drone would be an understatement. The new Mavic is all-time, longer battery life and the zoom function, oh the zoom function. Time for a little bit of nerd talk, the lens has a focal range of 24-48mm, what the hell does that mean?


We were given the Osmo by the guys at DJI to test it out on our most recent trip to the Mentawais. Having used tonnes of POV/Action cams in the past we were keen to see how this little number went.

349 Surfers Issue

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The Medina Myth

But, as he tells Surfing Life, he’s willing to do whatever it takes. Story: In a few minutes Gabriel Medina will make his debut at the Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast but right now he’s trying to compose himself. Surrounded by hundreds of fans, he stands alone on the rocks at Snapper Beach, head bowed, eyes closed and board cradled to his chest. Gabriel, a devout Christian, is praying.

348 Boards Issue

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Bersih Puntorama 3.0

What the hell is The Bersih Puntorama, and why would we be writing about it as a magazine that has long removed itself from the reporting of competitions?

Travel Partners AirAsia

As some of you may know things are a little tougher in the world of surf media these days, and without the support of partners like AirAsia to help us bring you stunning stories from far flung places, things would be a little average.

Mt Woodgee and the Zoo that makes the magic happen.

Is that a little harsh? A zoo? I made a statement to the guys in there just recently, that if you don’t have to look after your creatives with kit gloves then you don’t have the right creatives, of this statement I got a nod of approval from Ian.

Masa – The surfing journey from Tokyo to Byron Bay

This classy little edit is a story we can all relate to. Once in your blood it's impossible to get it out, as we all pursue the ultimate Surfing Life.