What a time to be putting out a Travel issue. As we go to print, the continent has just finished burning to the tune of 12.35 million acres, 33 human casualties, over 2000 houses gone, and an estimated billion wildlife dead. The threat of fires, however, has been instantly replaced by torrential rain and flooding along much of the east coast. In the face of a looming climate catastrophe fuelled by mostly man-made carbon emissions, it would be irresponsible for us to encourage you to continue gallivanting around the globe unnecessarily.

That leaves us in a bit of a quandary because surfing requires travel. There is no getting around this. In order to offset our philosophical carbon footprint, we’ve worked extra hard with a little help from our friends to weave a course through this ethical minefield. First with the great female surfing and sailboat adventurer, Captain Liz Clark (“Up Ahead”, p. 10). The truth is, we, that is humanity, specifically those in the wealthy Anglosphere, need to change our lifestyles and consumption habits, and quickly. A recent study by Circularity Gap found humans are consuming a staggering 100 billion tonnes of natural resources a year—that’s fossil fuels, timber, metal, plastic, livestock, and minerals—of which a dismal 8.6% is recycled. The richest countries on earth are the biggest consumers of these resources, that is, America, Luxembourg, and surprise, surprise, Australia is third…

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