There’s just something about watching an empty wave break. Deep down I think we’re all creatives, caressing the aquatic canvases we ride with our own interpretative dance. I can’t recall the number of waves I’ve mind surfed over my years of fascination with the ocean, but I do know that my imagination takes me to places I haven’t been on a wave, almost every single time.

In our imagination anything is possible, and no two waves are the same. Big, small, hollow, fat, peaky, offshore or onshore, it doesn’t really matter. It just means that endless outcomes are probable; that our individual interpretation of how to tango with a wave is unique.And riding waves means different things for different people. Some ride waves for a living, while others ride waves to escape. Some surfers ride waves for healing, while others ride them for the thrill of the chase. Some do it for recreation and others to feel the flow of creation.

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