As you are aware the South Coast of NSW has been devastated by the fires over the past week.

Being part of the surf community we are asking your help to raise much needed funds to assist with the emergency at hand and to help rebuild these beautiful communities.

Here at Ocean and Earth (we were very lucky to survive the fire) our team has set up a gofundme campaign for the world surf community to get together and raise these much needed funds.

For the gofundme campaign please click here.

Please help by adding a donation, re-sharing the gofundme campaign and then re-sending this email onto all of your contacts. Please also forward this onto any surf stores, surf magazines and websites in your country. Actually anyone that surfs, we need everyone’s support here!

You can also post this on your social media pages, websites and share the gofundme link in your social media bio’s. All images can be found at the bottom of this email or by clicking here.

Thanks Team at O&E

South Coast Bushfire Appeal

This past week the bushfires have devastated the South Coast of NSW, Australia.

Here at Ocean and Earth we were lucky that all our employees were safe and none lost their homes. We were also lucky that the factory escaped the fires as well.

However, many people in our community , family and friends, were not so lucky.

People have lost loved ones, homes, businesses and now some people only have the clothes on their backs.
Wildlife and forests have been completely destroyed and the fires still continue to burn.
In the busiest time of the year for these local communities, it’s now a ghost town, with most essential services like electricity, fuel, food scarce and major roads closed.
The people of the South Coast relied on summer holidays for their income for the entire year and to get them through winter.
It really is heartbreaking for our community.
The South Coast people need your immediate help.
Our aim is raise $100,000 through a gofundme campaign from the world surf community to disperse among the different local registered charity groups who are doing an amazing job on the ground getting these communities back on their feet.
We also want to donate to the Rural Fire Service which has been working for over a month to contain these fires and save lives and properties.
Without the RFS many communities would have been totally destroyed including ours. The RFS are all volunteers who risk their lives to save others. They are the true heroes of these fires.
Besides donating money, one of the best ways you can help these communities is to book your next holiday on the South Coast. It’s a beautiful part of the world, with some of the best beaches, restaurants, hotels and activities in the world.
Also please buy South Coast produce from your local supermarket and restaurants. If they don’t have it, then demand it!
Thanks, the entire team at O&E
Please click here for the gofundme campaign, or copy and past the below link into your web browser:
Photo by @josh_burkinshaw