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341 Waves Issue

Surfing Life 340 Travel Issue. On sale now!

The Crystal Ball

In the digital age, with everyone being spoon-fed internet swell forecasts, it's still possible to use some old school weather forecasting and avoid the rest of the herd.

340 Travel Issue

Surfing Life 340 Travel Issue. On sale now!

Elixer – Ian Thurtell

Dodging reef, weeds and the occasional shark all for his art.

339 Surfers Issue

Dive into the deep lives of these Surfers. Intimate tell all interviews with a collection of handpicked surfers who are are ripping in and out of the water!

ARCHIPELAGO – Sheldon Simkus

Our 2017 Board Test tester, Sheldon Simkus just brought out a pumping edit from his time in Indonesia this season just gone. Giddy up!!

Surfing Life #337 WAVES Issue

Our Promise: In this Issue of WAVES we will show you how to find waves, surf them and survive them. Plus a whole lotta eye candy!
Surfing Life Issue 335

SURFING LIFE ISSUE 335 – THE TRAVEL ISSUE – ON SALE NOW! Surfing Life’s Travel Issue is dedicated to those who want to get out and have a look around, with plenty of pointers from longtime road warriors...

Two things about the Pipeline Masters in Hawaii

Always, and we mean always, expect the unexpected on the North Shore. 

Surfing Life Issue 334 – the SURFERS issue – is on sale now!

The heroes, weirdos, prodigies and trailblazers tell it in their own words.

The Smiling Bag – Dion Agius

Edgy, arty, hip and happening and now available via online.