We’ve been lucky enough to be given the WERET Premium Surf Watch, with surf forecasting built in, all in an analogue time piece. Yep, this is not a watch in our opinion, it’s a time piece and pretty damn classy if you ask us.

It was quite intriguing to see how they were able to give you swell height, tide, water temp, swell direction and air pressure all with dials and not one piece of digital interface. When you’re after something a little more stylish but still need the functionality of a surf watch, then look no further.

The watch has a super simple interface through an app on your phone, which once set up, takes nothing to reset your forecasting to any location you’d like. The WERET Surf Watch pulls data from Magicseaweed, a trusted forecasting source and slots it straight into your watch, pick your beach on the app and with the push of one button on your watch, it turns from time piece to forecasting piece … that’s pretty darn impressive. Magicseaweed has over 3000 beaches in 180 countries so the chances of your beach being on the list is very high and there’s no searching through massive lists, the app knows where you are and quickly pulls up the closest beach to you.

There are plenty of styles and wrist bands to choose from and the watch is simply charged by placing it on the supplied charging pad, no need to plug cables in.

We think what sets this watch apart, as mentioned before, is its stylish look, but the team of action sport athletes that WERET have on board is also impressive. From big wave chargers to shredders and straight up hell men, people like this who are happy to put their name to something says a lot and this crew is exemplary.

Do you need a new surf watch? If the answer is yes, our advice is go grab yourself one, cracking quality at a cracking price.

Head to weret.com to grab yourself one or as a perfect gift.