The Paddle Out – Ep 022

There are few people who were there when it all began and who are still making a huge difference in the surf industry. One...

The Medina Myth

But, as he tells Surfing Life, he’s willing to do whatever it takes. Story: In a few minutes Gabriel Medina will make his debut at the Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast but right now he’s trying to compose himself. Surrounded by hundreds of fans, he stands alone on the rocks at Snapper Beach, head bowed, eyes closed and board cradled to his chest. Gabriel, a devout Christian, is praying.

348 Boards Issue

Surfing Life 348 Boards Issue. On sale now!

Bersih Puntorama 3.0

What the hell is The Bersih Puntorama, and why would we be writing about it as a magazine that has long removed itself from the reporting of competitions?

Travel Partners AirAsia

As some of you may know things are a little tougher in the world of surf media these days, and without the support of partners like AirAsia to help us bring you stunning stories from far flung places, things would be a little average.

The Paddle Out – Ep 021

In this episode we have the legendary surfing pioneer Nat Young. Nat was part of the shortboard revolution and then became one of the...

The Paddle Out – Ep 020

In this episode we are joined by prolific surf writer, editor and journalist who has seen plenty in the world of surf and has...

Mt Woodgee and the Zoo that makes the magic happen.

Is that a little harsh? A zoo? I made a statement to the guys in there just recently, that if you don’t have to look after your creatives with kit gloves then you don’t have the right creatives, of this statement I got a nod of approval from Ian.

Surfing Australia – HPC

I was asked to join the guys at the High Performance Centre (HPC) for a days coaching and I was pumped. I’d been to the HPS three years ago almost to the day and had a cracking time with the coaching staff. My wife had bought me a two day “Adult Surf Camp” for my birthday… what a great gift. Had I have known how good it was I would have just booked it myself, but a lovely gift to be sure.

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4 safety tips for your first surfing experience!

Hitting a wave right is one of the best feelings in the world. At that moment, it’s nothing but you, the sea and your board. Everything else tends to switch off and you can fully appreciate the moment and beauty that’s around you.

Hidden Bay is a hidden gem!

A trip to the Mentawai Islands is one that needs to be on the bucket list of every surfer. Towards the top of the list. It is an experience without comparison. A true feast for the senses.

The Paddle Out – Ep 019

Another great episode of the Paddle Out with another legend of the sport. If you are a student of the 70s and 80s you'd...

The Paddle Out – Ep 018

It was an absolute pleasure to be joined by the 4 times world champion Wendy Botha. We hardly scratched the surface talking story with...


In PART 2 we teach a new model for looking at movement of the human body. The exercises at the bottom will train your body to move with connection and flow.

The Paddle Out – Ep 016

It was our pleasure to have the lovely Keely Andrew in the the Surfing Life Podcast studio the other week. Keely was the 2016...

The Paddle Out – Ep 017

We are so pumped to have the King in the house, Kelly Slater and even more exciting that he drops a never before told...

The Paddle Out – Ep 015

One of the most interesting characters joins Cheyne Horan and Ray Bisschop for this episode of The Paddle Out. We are joined by none...

346 Waves Issue

Surfing Life 346 Waves Issue. On sale now!

The Paddle Out – Ep 014

We are so excited this for this episode to bring you Brad Gerlack, one of the original bad boys of surf, rule breaker and...

The Paddle Out – Ep 013

In this episode of The Paddle Out we are joined by 1978 World Champion Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew and talk story and lots of it....

The Paddle Out – Ep 012

In this episode we catch up with French shaper and now manufacturer of Eco Friendly surfboards Benoit Rameix. We have a good old chat...

The Paddle Out – Ep 011

In this episode we welcome Mitch Parkinson to the Podcast and talk about where things are at for him, what he's looking to achieve...

The Paddle Out – Ep 010

In this episode we talk to the legendary surf photographer Ted Grambeau. Ted's journey is long and illustrious, being one of the first guys...