The Paddle Out – Ep 021

In this episode we have the legendary surfing pioneer Nat Young. Nat was part of the shortboard revolution and then became one of the...

The Paddle Out – Ep 020

In this episode we are joined by prolific surf writer, editor and journalist who has seen plenty in the world of surf and has...

The Paddle Out – Ep 019

Another great episode of the Paddle Out with another legend of the sport. If you are a student of the 70s and 80s you'd...

The Paddle Out – Ep 018

It was an absolute pleasure to be joined by the 4 times world champion Wendy Botha. We hardly scratched the surface talking story with...

The Paddle Out – Ep 016

It was our pleasure to have the lovely Keely Andrew in the the Surfing Life Podcast studio the other week. Keely was the 2016...

The Paddle Out – Ep 017

We are so pumped to have the King in the house, Kelly Slater and even more exciting that he drops a never before told...

The Paddle Out – Ep 015

One of the most interesting characters joins Cheyne Horan and Ray Bisschop for this episode of The Paddle Out. We are joined by none...

The Paddle Out – Ep 014

We are so excited this for this episode to bring you Brad Gerlack, one of the original bad boys of surf, rule breaker and...

The Paddle Out – Ep 013

In this episode of The Paddle Out we are joined by 1978 World Champion Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew and talk story and lots of it....

The Paddle Out – Ep 012

In this episode we catch up with French shaper and now manufacturer of Eco Friendly surfboards Benoit Rameix. We have a good old chat...

The Paddle Out – Ep 011

In this episode we welcome Mitch Parkinson to the Podcast and talk about where things are at for him, what he's looking to achieve...

The Paddle Out – Ep 010

In this episode we talk to the legendary surf photographer Ted Grambeau. Ted's journey is long and illustrious, being one of the first guys...

The Paddle Out – Ep 009

This episode we are joined by underground shaper and legend Steve Del Roso from Clearwater surfboards. We go deep into shaping, surfing and so...

The Paddle Out – Ep 008

This episode of The Paddle Out we are joined by the 2018 Rookie of the Year and number nine in the World Wade Carmichael...

The Paddle Out – Ep 007

It's that time of year when the tour wraps up and we have a good hard look at what has gone down this year,...

Ryan is Ridiculous

When Dan Johnson’s mum moved to Crescent Head from Sydney, he couldn’t believe his good fortune. The classic point was now his front yard and with no holiday crowds, he had the place to himself. Perfect!

Aint That Swell!

Strap yourselves in, you're about to go on a little journey of self-discovery!

Nikki Van Dijk – High Snobiety

Who is Nikki Van Dijk? Come in, and meet Australia's newest surfing Starlet! 

Jordy Smith – Beyond the Tour

We know Jordy surfs hard enough to make the baby Jesus weep. But we we rarely get a look into his his life outta the water. But here, we get just that.
Mikey Wright on a freight train

When the comp’s not on – Beach break Nirvana with Andrew Shield.

Away from loud speakers and a priority system, but close enough to hear and see them. See what West Oz is dishing up away from the contest scene.
WIlcox Climbing

Margs Pro Day two – Wildcard Wilcox

More Margaret River upsets than a week of the Bold and the Beautiful™. Medina, Wilkinson, Fanning and Kerr all sent to the Vineyards to count their losses.
North Point Contest Site

WSL North Point – Day 1 of the Margs River Pro in Pictures

The very first WSL heats ever surfed at the famous North Point in Gracetown. It didn't live up to the hype at all. And then Seabass happened!
Owen floats the Snapper ceiling.


There's no words to describe what Owen Wright just did. From the lowest point of a full mental and physical reset, to the highest. Owen scaled the spectrum.
Slater punches the lip


The full spectrum of pro surfing. Offshore, excellent waves turned grey and onshore. The judges blew it and the surfers soared, as we approach finals day.