shark attack

The Surfing Life of … Kirra-Belle Olsson

Kirra-Belle Olsson is an amazing young woman! The niece of Matt Wilkinson, who just might be more fearless and driven than her uncle!

Stranger Things …

Words: Gra Murdoch Despite first hand accounts, sequences and ‘irrefutable evidence’, White Horses Editor Gra Murdoch remains unconvinced, though he wishes not to be. Wow, this has been...


In a Surfing Life exclusive we can reveal the full sequence from Eden Hasson riding over a White shark in Port Stephens this week....

A Cynical Bastard’s Take on That Shark Photo

Words: Gra Murdoch Sharks are great fodder for the interwebs. Nothing gets the clicks and the polarised opinions going quite like a shark incident. For some...

Man attacked by shark near Forster

Close call for 65-year-old shredder

Man bitten by shark at Broken Head this morning

Fourth attack in region this past month.

Surfer “launched into the air” by shark in Ballina

Another day, another shark attack in Ballina.

Unpopular Opinion: The Terror of Sharks

Let’s make shark attacks a government priority.

Diver captures footage of terrifying Great White Shark Attack on GoPro

“I got that on video. Wooo, fucking gnarly!"

Surfers fight off Great White shark in Western Australia

Board smashed in scary shark encounter.

Four Rumours Surrounding Shark Attacks That Just Aren’t True

“The only thing all attacks have in common is that a person and a shark are in the same place at the same time.”

Survivor: Craig Ison

“Anyone who has been in the water in the last six months and not been bitten is lucky.”

Shark Sighting? There’s An App For That!

New shark sighting app has already prevented multiple potential attacks in Australia.