This might be the scariest shark footage we’ve seen since Mick Fanning’s encounter at J-Bay last year.

A spearfisherman has captured the terrifying moment he was attacked by a great white shark while swimming off the coast of Santa Barbara, California earlier this month.

22-year-old college student Tyler McQuillen was spearfishing with friends at Refugio Point near Santa Barbara when we has bitten on the foot by the shark, believed to be four metres in length.

According to, Mr McQuillen thought his friends were playing a trick on him by pulling at his flipper, not realising that the shark had bitten off his flipper and cut two of his toes.

In the footage you can see Tyler remain calm as hell (much calmer than we’d be) as he fends off the shark using his spear before eventually swimming for several agonising minutes back to the shallows and recounting the story to his friends.

“I got that on video. Wooo, fucking gnarly,” Mr McQuillen said.

Fucking gnarly indeed!