Life Skills

A range of tips and tricks to help get you from wherever you may be in life, to paddling into that next, unbelievably awesome set.

How To – Pick a surf car for under 10 G’s

Australia, the great sunburnt land and it's vast amount of waves and beaches. They're just waiting for you ... but first you need the wheels to get there.
Surfing Sweden

HOW TO – Chasing Swell and Shadows in Sweden

Surfing in Sweden is for the brave. And, possibly the insane. Icy water, icier winds and long drives combine for hotly contested waves. What's not to love!

Shapers Series: What Not To Tell Your Shaper

Ben Wallbridge of Wallbridge Surfboards tells us what's better to be left unsaid when ordering a surfboard.

Shapers Series: What To Tell Your Shaper

The mastermind behind Riley Balsawood Surfboards explains what is useful to tell a shaper when ordering a surfboard.

Secrets From The Shapers

Who's riding what in Fiji.