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Surfing Life #338 SURFBOARDS ’17


You want a better surfboard? You want to propel your game into the upper leagues? Buy a magazine that reveals the miracles possible when man and foam combine.


Does the thought of owning surfboard better than anything you’ve ever ridden thrill you more than anything? In this issue, you’ll be gifted the keys to an opulent castle filled with surfboard knowledge. Interviews with the shapers that matter. We road-test six esoteric board designs. Jon Pyzel and Matt Biolos collaborate on a special high-performance board. Kelly Slater reveals his favourite ride. Dane Reynolds stomps his biggest air and talks of the joy of cutting foam. And come see the surfboard that can slice you in two. Out now!

The Hot Foamy Jazz of Dane Reynolds – Dane Reynolds sojourns to El Salvador and talks boards, making them and what kind of relationship you need to have with them to make them work for you. Oh, and he also rides outta the biggest air of his life!

Masters Of Their Domain – Four shapers that broke the rules and changed the surfing world. Simon Anderson, Maurice Cole, Greg Webber and Mark Richards are shapers who gave us two fins, three fins, reverse vee and elaborate concave.

Thoroughly Sampled – A forensic examination of the ultimate every-wave quiver, as created by some of Australia’s best shapers! There’s a board here for everyone!

My Love Affair With The Surfboard – Chas Smith and the steaming romance of pulling a new board off the rack, and why it never, ever loses its appeal.

The Violet Shadow of Art – A photo spread of the world’s best surfers and the foam under their feet. Why their boards do what they do!

Surfing on a Sword – Go foiling they said, it’ll be fun they said. Surfing Life’s Ed tries foiling which is more about avoiding dancing the underwater disco with the carbon blades! The most fun you can have in one-foot waves, or your money back!

Kelly Slater – And his favourite hunk of foam. His beloved 5’10” he won Fiji on and what’s under the bonnet.

Pyzel Versus Mayhem – The world’s two best shapers sit down and talk boards and collaborate on one very special Surfing Life project. To design the ultimate surfboard.

Boards Issue On Sale October 16th and while stocks last!


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