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You Can Go Your Own Way

Following the tragic news of Ricardo dos Santos’ death in Brazil, the triumphant news of Gabriel Medina’s victory, and the hell-of-a-fun-time that’s been the release of Kai Neville’s Cluster film, there’s never been a more apt time in surfing to just “go your own way”.

I mean, life’s too short to worry about doing things the “right way”, to live the way people say you should. This is surfing, and surfing in 2015 is something that we can do, appreciate, and make a living off, in a myriad of ways. Surfing Life 319 explores some of those avenues.
The magazine’s first feature is a collection of the best shots from the filming of Cluster, with words and stories from the 12 surfers who took part – on their experience, and on what they think of each other. Let’s just say that their responses were diverse, and in their diversity darn interesting. Plus the shots are CRAZY good.

We hear from Brazil, and how Ricardo’s death and Gabriel’s victory have highlighted just how different South American surfing is to our Australian experience. Brazilians are here to stay, and this is a great chance for us to try and understand them a little.

Nick Carroll explores the apparent demise of Australian surfing, and how those who are attempting to prevent it are working hard behind the scenes. We’ve had it too good for too long, and we need to rediscover the hunger that made us the World’s best for a long time.

And Andrew Shield went out to P-Pass for a “best evers” swell, scoring with Matt Banting, Mikey Wright and Jay Davies. The surf was huge, but the team reckon that it’s the kind of place where a regular Joe can score the waves of his life. When you see how good it is you’ll be booking your tickets and practicing your breath holds, guaranteed.

SL 319 is a small celebration of our sport’s diversity. Be sure to grab a copy so that you too can be inspired to live your surfing life the way you want to. Go your own way, man. – Wade Davis

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