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This is the first issue of Surfing Life you’ve seen since mid-January. Yes, we missed you too! And my word are you going to notice some differences in your beloved tome of shred-doggery – aesthetically, editorially, pictorially – from the top to the bottom, from the inside to the out, and across all of our online and digital channels too.

We’ve changed. We’ve come up with a plan that satisfyingly scratches those unique itches that every surfer has; aspects of core surfing that everyone experiences, thinks about and has opinions on, regardless of their skill set, experience, gender, age, location, choice-of-craft, or any other wave-sliding variable you can concoct.

We identified five themes, five topics, that every surfer considers as part of their every day surfing life – Waves, Technique, Boards, Travel and themselves, Surfers. Anyway you cut it, these five building blocks make up the surfing whole. The new Surfing Life scratches these itches, with depth, relevance, resonance and value for you, our dear reader.

This isn’t simply a reduction in frequency, but an entirely new publishing paradigm with a single-minded focus in each issue, which will provide a clear point of difference between the individual issues of Surfing Life, as well as between our brothers over there at the other mags. You guys have long moved on from monthly magazines that cram nothing special between two covers and throw it on the newsstand, hoping people will buy it. You want a magazine that delivers depth and substance – and makes a practical difference to your surfing life.

Surfing Life 330 – Surfers 2016, introduces and interviews 12 of the most important and interesting surfers of right now and allows them to tell their story in their own words. Love them, learn from them, let them entertain and inspire you.

Be yourself, with Mikey Wright.
Tackle adversity, with Bede Durbidge.
Transition, with Taj Burrow.
Parent, with Mark and Jay Occhilupo.
Qualify, with Jack Freestone.
Search, with Luke Hynd.
Discover, with Heath Joske.
Handle criticism, with Joe Turpel.
Conquer the Indian Ocean, with Mick Corbett and Jarryd Foster.
Retire, with Micro Hall.

Surfing Life 330 also analyses and showcases the most important happenings in surf in the last two months – Cyclone swells, El Nino swells, big wave events, small wave events, untimely passings, personal years and more.

Go and grab a copy, sit back, take a deep breath, take a little bit more time than you normally would, take that beer out of the fridge you keep telling yourself that you don’t need, and sink your teeth into it. We reckon you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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