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The Board Bible X Mick Fanning and Team on World Titles.

Whether we’re talking about next year’s best surfboard shapes, Mick Fanning manufacturing his World Titles, or the simple act of deciding when and where to surf, everything in this shredding game becomes easier when we pay heed to design. It seems contradictory, but the more we plan, the freer we are to live in the moment; the more we think about design, the more able we are to surf without thinking. This is what makes champions, and this is what allows you to surf at your peak.

Nick Carroll again took a gang of merry, hard shredders to the Telos on this year’s board test. Nick, with Matt Meola, Andrew Mooney and Twiggy Baker, scored and while they scored they tested and scrutinised and Nick meticulously took notes. The result is a comprehensive guide to which shapers’ designs will best suit your surfing, all compiled into our handy Board Bible – the best in the business. It’ll take all the guesswork out of selecting your next board.

Mick Fanning is a guy who leaves nothing up to chance. This month our cover star (how cute is his dog!) talks us through how he wins Titles, how he surfs at such a high level and tells us how we can get on the right boards for us. We also spoke to Mick’s shaper, Darren “DHD” Handley (designs surfboards!), his trainer, Nam Baldwin (designs breath!), and coach, Phil McNamara (designing heat wins). This is the team that has put together three (four!?) World Titles, and their words are applicable to us, not only to our surfing life, but to the rest of our lives. Y’gotta focus, and y’gotta plan ahead, but don’t take it from me, listen to the experts.

Continuing the design theme, we collected the best spring images of our favourite Australian surfers and asked them what they were riding. The answers may surprise you, they may not, but you’ll definitely be hitting up your shaper armed with more info when you’re getting your next sled.

And rounding out the features, we sent Luke Hynd, Jordy Lawler and Kalani Ball to Samoa. They found barrels, the reef and some ramps. We never knew that Samoa could be so heavy! The boys, especially Jordy, found this out the hard way… But without risk there is no reward, no pain no gain, etc. Heavy, and Jordy’s body wore the worst of it, but totally worth it.

We also let the hard-tearing and ever-adorable Malia Manuel objectify us, talk to the scoundrels down at Cronulla Boardriders, and take a bunch of shapers out on an even bigger bunch of beers – surfboard designers needing designated drivers. We’re good at keeping these issues on point.

Our surfing lives will improve a lot if we just pay a little more attention to design, be it board design, or designing a living plan that’s going to get you in the water more often, with a body and mind that’s ready to rip out better results. That’s why this is our design issue, with Mick Fanning, the architect of his own destiny, and his dog Harper Girl on the front cover. – Wade Davis

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