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The Travel Bible

They say that there are two certainties in this life, death and taxes. They are wrong. There is another thing that will happen for all of us at some point in our lives and that is that we will travel to surf. We will travel far and we will travel hard to score waves, and we will do it whenever we can for as long as we can. It’s just the nature of the universe, you can’t fight it. Don’t try and fight it.

This make the Travel Bible the most natural of Surfing Life’s issues. It’s an absolute pleasure to create a magazine about something that we will all do at some point(s) of our lives. Making this magazine is an easy formula – the best trips, photos and stories, paired with information about our favourite destinations. And we’ve done precisely that this year…

But with one difference. This year instead of organising the magazine according to locations, we put everything under “how you travel” categories. We whittled it down to the five different types of surf travel:

The mates trip, intrepid adventures, family holidays, luxury vacations and strike missions.

So we got our favourite writers to write instructive tales about each of these types of travel, then paired them with images from the best surf trips, like:

Cover star Taj Burrow and Kolohe Andino on a mates’ trip, with words by Ryan Jones; Mitch Coleborn and Craig Anderson surfing in the same zones that Tim Baker shredded on his family holiday; Craig Jarvis spins a luxurious yarn, set to images of Julian Wilson and Dusty Payne; Jed Smith talks about strike missions while Harry Bryant and Kalani Ball do the surfing in the Pacific; and Mikey Wright and Luke Hynd scoring in Sri Lanka while Wade Davis talks about his misadventures in the same part of the world.

The Travel Bible will keep you satisfied with images and tales while making sure that you’re informed of where you need to travel this year, or next. This is the definitive guide to where you need to be and how you’re going to do it – we’re going to help you make an informed choice while fulfilling life’s third certainty, surf travel. Enjoy!

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