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Pacific Playgrounds is about how much FUN you can have surfing in the world’s biggest fun park, beginning in our own backyard. First time cover star, Jackson Baker, walked down the end of his street, jumped into the Pacific Ocean, up into the sky, and onto page one, and the good times just go on from there. We can’t get enough of the Pacific, there’s nothing bigger and bluer and better suited to surfers; no body of water holds as many points, reefs, rivermouths, beaches and ledges, and as a result there is nowhere where a hungry surf rat can find a diversity of waves like the Pacific. Heck, we could have devoted 28 magazines to the big ol’ Pac, but we settled on one, so you know we’ve got the best stuff in it.

Stuff like Fiji with the WCT’s heavy hitters. Wanna know what the guys on the big boys’ tour think of this Pacific paradise? Well they like it, a lot, and we’ve got the proof. Kieren Perrow’s mega-barrel will make equal parts jealous and terrified.

Our trip to New Zealand will make you just jealous. We loaded up a campervan and ripped around the land of the long white cloud with Australia’s next crop of surfing superstars. Cooper Chapman, Kalani Ball, Kai Hing and Harry Bryant suit up and jump around some of NZ’s lesser-known spots. We won’t tell you where they are, but we’ll give you enough clues so you can find similar set-ups yourself. The NZ surf trip is something every Aussie surfer should do, and we show you how.

Keeping with the “how to” theme we tell you how to get arrested in Mexico. One of our correspondents went a little loco in the land of tacos, and landed himself in hot tequila. We share his story as a cautionary tale, a brief history of what not to do in this wonderful Pacific paradise, and we accompany the tale with images of Dane Reynolds and Yadin Nichol, and others who have nothing to do with the story, but who look muy bueno flairing in front of Mexico’s desert backdrop…

While we were in Mexico getting into trouble we dashed up to California to talk to last year’s Hot 100 international guest, Taylor Clarke, about the American grommets Australian surfers need to worry about. They’re good, they’re real good, but if you read this you’ll know who to keep an eye on so we can be even better.

Rounding the issue out we have a photo spread of Australia’s best Pacific pics from the last month, we objectify surf photographer, Lucia Griggi, and we talk to Laura Enever about being a boardriders battler. Oh, and we profile the maddest man in the world about charging Puerto Escondido at the age of 57, and sleeping with over 6000 women. Pacific Playgrounds is going to tickle your fancy and teach you about how to make the most of the World’s greatest ocean, starting just down end of your own street…

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