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Surfing Life 318 – The Rookies.

Being green ain’t easy, sung Kermit the Frog. While we’re sure that he was referring to the trials and tribulations associated with being a talking frog in a world that’s not quite yet ready for talking frogs, we also think that he meant that being new at something, a rookie, isn’t easy either.

Being a rookie is tough. Last year on the World Surf League Championship Tour there were two rookies and neither of them made the cut for this year. It’s a dog-drop-in-on-dog world out there, trying to find your feet in such a cutthroat competitive environment. Heck, being a newbie at any job is hard, but imagine if all of your workmates not only didn’t want to help you succeed, but actually had a vested interest in making you fail. Geez that’d be tough.

So we’ve devoted Surfing Life 318 to the rookies of the 2015 CT (and we’ve included surfers who may have been on Tour prior to 2014 but fell off and requalified this year). There’s Ricardo Christie, Keanu Asing, Italo Ferreira, Wiggoly Dantas, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Sage Erickson, Silvana Lima, and Dusty Payne. We find out what they plan on doing on Tour (win some heats, duh!) and generally whatever it is that makes them whoever they are.

Oh, and Matt Banting, who also scored our cover. Banto’s been on a tear, so we sat down with Matt and his old man, Lenny, and got to know just how this functioning parent-athlete relationship works. There are so many parents involved in their children’s sporting careers, often disastrously, that we were stoked to chat to a duo that is so successful and functional. Get to know Matt Banting, Australia’s only 2015 rookie, in a different light than you have before.

Also, given that the Quik Pro is just around the corner, we sent the best Snapper surfers behind the Rock to see what the sand is like at the moment… Nah, they were all out there anyway – they always are – but we captured them in their natural element all the same. Snapper’s looking the goods, and we couldn’t be more excited about the WSL CT’s kick off.

And that’s why we made the official WSL CT guide and stuck it inside the magazine. That’s right, a 32-page bonus magazine that tells you everything you need to know about the surfers on the men’s and women’s draw, as well as local knowledge on the three breaks of the Australian leg. If you’re a fan of the Tour (and seriously, if you like good surfing you kinda have to be), then you’ll really dig our guide. It’s a one-stop shop to all of the CT’s shenanigans.

Well that’s it. That’s our rookie issue in a nutshell, our celebration of the CT that’s about to kick off. Last year was a cracker, we’re sure that this year will be to. Pick up a copy Surfing Life 318 and ensure that you know exactly what’s going on and who you’re going for. Bring. It. On!

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