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Surfing Life #329 Feb’16


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Surfing Life #329: The Epicentre of Surf
This magazine, that is.

It’s a pivotal time for global surfing. An El Nino event. An epic Hawaiian season. More than half the globe pumping and the other half just about to. Man-made waves. A record-breaking World Tour year. A crop of fresh blood about to shake things up. Surfing Life Issue #329 covers this all and then some.

The opening feature is a beast. We cover all things World Tour, present and future. We get up close and personal with our new World Champions; how did their titles manifest and what’s next for them both? Adriano’s passion and his deserved title;  why we should be happy for him and why it’s a positive event for Australian and global surfing alike. Carissa’s stoke and her continued dominance; why we should be in awe and why we will be for some time. Both an explanation and a celebration of 2015’s darlings. We introduce you to the young Aussies about to take some serious scalps in 2016 – Freestone, Callinan and Cathels – their long–awaited journey to the big leagues and what it means for them, us and their competitors. We get down to the nitty-gritty of the World Tour’s future with an illustrious list of legends; our very own Nick Carroll, Brazil’s Nick Carroll, Julio Adler, the WSL’s Dave Prodan, tennis-fan Bobby Martinez, Surfing Australia’s National Coach, Andy King, and lensman to the stars, Ryan Miller. They tackle everything from Brazil’s dominance, the state of the judging, the Big Wave World Tour and freesurfing versus competition. If you’ve any interest in competitive surfing, this feature is a must-read insight into how, why and where things are headed in 2016 and beyond.

Now, enough of all this seriousness. It’s time to get silly. Surfing Life #329 also catches up with the funnest man in surfing, Mason Ho. Spend some time with Mase in his hometown, go surfing with him, drink beers with him, crack jokes with him, talk shit with him… we did. And it’s all in his profile piece. He’ll be your new favourite surfer, if he isn’t already. Just wait.

If you haven’t heard about the outrageous Hawaiian season being experienced, like, right now, you’ve been hiding under a rock and have definitely been nowhere near THE rock. But, have no fear, for we have selected the greatest images to have been shot on that seven mile patch of sand and printed them big, clean and crisp for your viewing pleasure. We take you to Hawaii and the best North Shore season in a decade.

After all of this, you’re just going to want to go surfing, right!? And what better way to get you in the water than our shit-hot guide to the country’s greatest camping spots for surfers. Read it, hit the road, get tubed. Simple.

Surfing Life #329, it’s all happening in surfing, right here and right now… and it’s all in this magazine. Catch up, get prepared and let’s get 2016 fucken’ rollin’.

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