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Surfing Life #336 TECHNIQUE ’17


This edition of Surfing Life comes with a promise. It will make you a better surfer. Technique? It’s everything in this game and if you’re tired of surfing like a kook (we are), here’s an instruction manual to a better experience.

You’ll discover the divine secrets of John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith (and others). Jon Pyzel, John John’s shaper, will supercharge your quiver. You’ll learn how to paddle better, duck-dive deeper, turn harder and fly higher. And if you’ve never flown at all? Get ready to snap on a pair of wings.


This issue of Surfing Life was created with the simplest of goals. To turn every single reader who reads it into a better surfer. Impossible?

The magazine features a  forensic analysis of the best surfers in the world (think: Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater, Jordy Smith, John John Florence, Owen Wright, Craig Anderson etc) and primers on paddling better and harder and duckdiving deeper. The world champ’s shaper Jon Pyzel  explains why volume isn’t your master and how you can get your boards to work like John John’s.

Jack Freestone shows how a tall surfer can leverage his limbs to great advantage. Derek Hynd and other free-friction studs demonstrate everything you need to know if you want to wrestle one of those damn finless surfboards (why not, it’s in vogue!). The American writer Chas Smith convincingly argues the case for your best friend choosing your next surfboard. And if you’ve never done an air? Well, get ready to fly.

In this Issue …

The Forever Project – The refinement of a surfer’s technique is a life long voyage. We navigate you through the rough seas into plain sailing.

Why Your Next Board Should Come With An Instructional Manual – Come sit on the lap of Jon Pyzel for an intimate look at your next custom shooter and the quiver that’s right for YOU!

Methodology – A mind blowing look into the technique of eight of the best pros on the planets. How they do what they do … and how you can follow them.

That’s a paddlin’ – We spend 90% of any surf session we have paddling out and around the lineup and only 10% on our feet. Master and refine your paddle stroke and surf for longer.

Supercharge Your Duckdive – It ain’t as sexy as scooping the tail and landing backwards. But by Christ, nailing a perfect duckdive on a solid cleanup set and having the lineup to yourself while everyone gets dragged down the point. That’s pretty damn good too.


Technique Issue on sale until August 9th or while stocks last. Get in quick!


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