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Surfing Life 317 is as good as it gets.

That’s it, it doesn’t get any better*. We’ve hit our “peak moment” – where we’re scoring waves as good as they get, in locations as marvellous as you can imagine, with a new World Champion, and it’s just really, really bloody darn nice.

Medina, man, that guy! He won, you know that, but have you read Nick Carroll’s take on it? Have you got the Medina poster on the wall yet? Medina’s the first Brazilian champ, the youngest (shared with Kelly), and the first goofy since CJ won his half-title back in 2001. History, baby, was made.

Europe is the nicest place on earth, when you weigh up everything. We went there, we scored. The sun shone and the waves rolled in in neat, rolling pin lines, the winds blew offshore and groomed it all to perfection and world’s best surfers went absolutely nuts in the free surfs.

And we were there to capture it all.

We’ve got the best shots from all the super sessions, coupled with the hottest travel tips from Surfing Life’s extensive European experience. As if that’s not enough (it kinda is!), we also sat down with Europe’s finest and asked them for their greatest hits, tips and secrets: Jeremy Flores (cover star!), Aritz Aranburu, Lucia Martiño (you don’t know her yet, but boy-oh-boy do you wanna), Nick Von Rupp and Tiago Pires. If you’ve never been to Europe, are European, are planning to go, won’t ever go, this magazine is the mag for you! We’ll tell you all the tales from the road, so you’ll know where to stay, what to drink, who to hook up with and, most importantly, where you’re going to find the best waves.

Then to Hawaii, for some shots and words about the best that went down away from Pipeline (and one Pipe shot). John John, Jordy, Julian, Jack Robbo and other guys whose names don’t start with J, like Dane Reynolds, Noa Deane and Mitch Coleborn. Yippee kai-aye, mother licker!

Then there’s Kolohe. Kolohe recently got the best wave of his life so far, maybe ever. It was in Portugal, we were there, and we managed to get our sweaty, hairy hands on the sequence. Nick Carroll spoke to Kolohe about the wave (big tube to bigger air combo, man would you look at it! You just gotta look at it) and this magazine, being the “as good as it gets” issue, was the perfect place to tell the story.

World Titles, Mundaka, Hossegor, Hawaii, Supertubos, red wine and partying with babes until the sun comes up – y’know, this is pretty much it.

Surfing Life 317, the one with Jeremy on the cover, shot from behind in a beautiful, heaving French beachbreak. Ooh la la!

*Until SL 318, obviously 🙂

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