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This is Australia and it’s the world’s greatest surfing nation. There is nowhere in the world that is kinder to surfers, nowhere that enjoys surf with such frequency and diversity, nowhere that has so much surfable coastline, nowhere that bumps uglies with three oceans, and nowhere that has such a grouse bunch of blokes and sheilas enjoying it. Nowhere but our own little island continent, the true surfers’ paradise (except for Surfers Paradise, that place kinda sucks).
Fortunately for the world’s best surfers they had the pleasure of accepting our hospitality and spending the first few months of the year Down Under. There were three WCT contests, one on the Pacific, Indian and Southern Ocean coasts, two six star WQS contests and plenty of freesurf projects that were undertaken consecutively. This meant that for a while anyone who is everyone was finning and tubing and turning in the Australian girt.
We figured that there was no better time for Australia’s most Australian of surf magazines to pay homage to the surfing done around our Great Southern Land. We stalked the pros and we creeped on them and we followed them around. We collected shots of the world’s best surfers and asked them what they think about Oz. Guys like Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Chippa Wilson, Kelly Slater, Julian Wilson, Gabriel Medina, Yadin Nichol, Mick Fanning, Ry Craike, Mitch Crews, Jacko Baker, Joel Parkinson, Ryan Callinan, Craig Anderson, Mitch Parkinson, Bottle Thompson and so many more. Oh, and our coverstar, Matt “The Flying Wallaby” Wilkinson. Then we complied an issue that would sum up the few-months-long Aussie shredfest and created a magazine that we’re sure you’re going to love.
But this is a magazine unlike any we’ve made before. Surfing Life 310 follows Australian surfing in a clockwise circumnavigation, meaning that after the first image in the mag, somewhere secret north of Noosa, we head south, stopping in at plenty of places through the rest of Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and eventually West Australia. We captured guys high above the lip, and deep inside the tube. We got turns and hi-fi surfing, big paddle sessions and terrifyingly slabby tow waves. We reckon we summed up the diversity and greatness that was this most recent Australian swell season.
Australia is the greatest surfing nation on Earth, and is thus deserving of only the best magazine coverage. Surfing Life 310 is the fair dinkum, true blue, bonza Aussie surf magazine. Check it out, it doesn’t get any bloody better than this. Wade Davis

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