Moon Palikir

The key to unlocking the ridiculous potential of the entire Mentawai chain. 

Matanivusi Surf Resort

Surf, seclusion, service and close enough to strike! What more do you need?



Macaronis Resort

Arguably the world's most high performance left, served up for you on a platter. 

Kandui Villas

Surround yourself with perfect waves and unbelievable comfort.  

Kandooma Resort

A world-class left, a perfect right, and up to five-star-level accomodation. What could be better?

Jiwa Charters

An authentic Indonesian adventure through the dreamy lineups of Northern Sumatra.

Hudhuranfushi Resort

Options galore at one of the world's best positioned surf resorts.

Handhu Central Atolls

Seeking out the best of the Maldives in a 95-foot charter boat.

Damai Bungalows

Seclusion in Sumatra, with your own 200 metre left-hander out front. 

Chaaya Island Dhonveli

On the pulse of Pasta Point, one of the Maldives' best waves.

Aura Surf Resort

A-frame barrels, straight out front. 

Aloita Surf Resort & Spa

Where do you base yourself for the most fun you can have in the Ments, both in the water and out? Aloita!

The Terrible Beauty of P-Pass

Alex Gray, Jay Davies, Laura Enever and friends dodge the guillotine. 

Ballina Shark Attack, with Adam Melling

The Lennox Head local on how sharky it’s been recently.

Shieldsy’s Travel Diaries: Tropical Cyclone Ola

Somewhere east of Western Australia.

How to Survive Being Held Under At Nazare

Three monsters later, Andrew Cotton gives away his secrets.

Meet Greyson Fletcher

Serious shredability, brought to you by Vice.

Report: The Dangers Of Stoke

This is truly amazing.

Connor O’Leary

No, he doesn't live in Ireland.

Tyler Wright Was Going To Quit The World Tour

When pro surfing causes depression...

Why Maya Gabeira Is Still Surfing

The first time that she's spoken candidly about the heaviest experience that a surfer endure.

Greg Long Talks About That Time He Drowned

When you get a little bit close to the end, it's hard to look back.

Technique: Finding Your Place

In surfing, place is everything. Place is vital. 

Technique: Jack Freestone

This is the heart of surfing. And you could do this move tomorrow. You’ve just gotta see it.

Wiping Out At Teahupo’o

Mick, Bede and Kai talk us through their worst wipeouts, and what the hell happens when they disappear underwater.

Carnage in Lembongan

“He lifted his shirt and what was underneath looked like he had thrown himself onto a hand grenade filled with reef shrapnel.”