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Here at SL we dream about surfing. Our nights are filled with exotic locales, perfect waves, big turns and even bigger barrels. We dream about travelling the world to find waves, about watching the best surfers in the world do their thing. We dream about sharing stories with pals and feasting our eyes on the best surf photos out there. Each month our dreams become reality when we put it all together and send out a magazine that you’ll love and that we’re darn proud of.

Surfing Life 302 is about dreaming big and making them happen. It’s about our dream of surfing in Tahiti, and about Adrian Buchan’s dream of winning there. It’s about Dion Agius’ dream of making a movie, Mega Semadhi’s dreamt prophecies about his Rip Curl Cup win, about one surfer’s dreams about making a difference in South Africa and about the biggest swell of the season detonating all over
South Africa, Indonesia and Southern Australia.

Oh, and there’s also a guide to the summer’s best board shorts. They can be a bit mythical at times, so we’re going to make your choices easier for you, all set in the dreamboat waters of French Polynesia.

For Surfing Life 302 we dreamt big and you’re about to see how we made it a reality. We hope it makes you want to hit the water.

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