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Blood, 5teph and Tears

Stephanie Gilmore is back and Surfing Life 288 celebrates her fifth World Title. How’d she get there? Why it was inevitable? And what did she do to mark the occasion? Nick Carroll chatted with the champ as she celebrated New York style. Meanwhile back home Steph’s dad explained to SL how the little gal from Kingscliff got where she is today.

While Steph was busy dominating surf comps in Europe, Australia was being lashed by swell. From coast-to-coast every spot turned on and SL has all the photographic evidence. That, plus words inspired by winter, from contributors old and new.

It’s no secret the ASP is the whipping boy of surf fans round the globe. In light of recent debacles backlash is understandable, but just how bad are the problems? And more importantly, what’s gotta change to improve things. Tim Baker goes on assignment to find out what, if anything, the sport’s international governing body can learn from Surfing Australia, a national organization leading the way on home soil.

In the rest of issue we celebrate the soul of Heath Joske, and Kala Alexander explains why haters need to ‘shut up’ about what went down in Fiji in June. Papua New Guinea’s bizarre surf culture is put under the microscope, as are a new board named The Deathstar and Ted Grambeau’s five favourite photos.

Elsewhere we’ve dug up Noosa rockabilly turned air-show stuntman, turned Melbourne dockworker, Nick Wallace. It seems surfing’s finally embraced a style that saw him shunned all those years ago and Nick’s embracing us all right back.

Many stories, all made from surfing. Hope you enjoy!


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