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Surfing Life #286 July '12


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A very special issue On Location


For 10 days the Surfing Life team absconded to the Mentawais. We cast off with the intention of revamping the magazine and altering our direction. We returned surfed-out, but feeling the mission was accomplished.

Josh Kerr, Chippa Wilson, Michel Bourez, Matt Wilkinson, Lee Wilson and Shaun Cansdell joined us, and provided the inspiration and content for the issue. Six vastly different surfers representing six wildly different takes on surfing.
Something for everyone, just like Surfing Life.

In this mag you’ll get to know the aforementioned surfers in depth. How they’ve got to where they are, the struggles they’ve faced and fun they’ve had along the way. You’ll join us on our trip deep to the heart of the true surfer’s paradise, the Ments. Meet the characters we crossed paths with, get in on the banter, go beyond the boat charters.

Issue 286 is taking Surfing Life into the future. The changes are here to stay but the evolution won’t stop. We’ve got a fresh formula and we’re excited. You should be too.


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