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You can’t become a better surfer by being happy with the surfer that you are. Enough with this everyone is a winner garbage! There’s no way you’re as good a surfer as little Bretto from down the street; he’s beaten you the last six boardriders in a row, and he’s seven years younger than you, the little shit! But don’t get angry, get better!

Thankfully technique, unlike style, can be taught, it can be learned, it can be analysed and it can be improved upon. The next issue of Surfing Life will be doing its darndest to make you a better surfer.

Technique is one of our annually explored issue themes. We take the time, each year, to dedicate an entire issue to technique, because without it, well, we’d all be destined to flail hopelessly in the shorey until the end of our days.

Don’t worry, however, it’s not going to all be Compress through your knees! Rotate your shoulders! Unweight your back foot! Spot your landing! This issue shows you how to revere from injury, overcome adversity, tackle bigger surf, change the surf photography game and technically improve your surfing performance.

This issue of Surfing Life does it’s best to make you a better surfer.

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