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Surfing Life #309 Jun'14


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Winter is coming and it’s going to be cold and we couldn’t be happier. Winter is the season of big swells and small crowds, two things that make our surfing lives all the merrier. Sure, it gets cold, but it’s not 1950, and so we don’t have to wrap ourselves in footy jumpers to stave off hypothermia. In 2014 we can call on more than 60 years of wetsuit making technology to ensure that no matter how cold it gets, we’ll still be able to get our icy share of slay days.

So issue 309 is a celebration of cold-water surfing. We tag along with Chris Burkard to the Aleutian Islands, a chain that’s often coated in ice and always lashed by icy winds. And guess what? There was no-one there, and guess what again? There were heaps of waves! Chris called it the best surf trip that he’s ever done, and when that comes from a man as well surf-travelled as Chris is you’ve got to suit-up and take notice.

Dane Gudauskas, of sun-kissed Californian fame, takes us through his cold-water world tour. From Russia to Japan, Alaska to Iceland, we takes us on a nipple-hardening, wish-list inspiring journey around some of the world’s colder climates. Warm water surf trips are done, if you want to really score you got to warp yourself in rubber.

We also threw in the best shots from the Australian autumn, a photographic spread of the season in-between boardshorts and wetsuits, a story about some Norwegian maniacs who camped next to polar bears so that they could score some uncrowded peelers to themselves, and get to know the totally hot, longboard world champion, Kelia Moniz.

And that 60 years of rubber technology we were talking about, well we’ve got that covered in our wetsuit guide. Nick Carroll and his crack team headed south and put the suits through the ringer, so that you can best choose the suit for you. This is important stuff, so read it carefully so that you can shop wisely and surf for longer-y.

Surfing Life 309 is all about cold-water surfing, because winter is coming, and there’s nothing we should do but learn to enjoy it.

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