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Surfing Life #299 Aug'13


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Surfing Life issue 299 is a celebration of the two darn greatest waterways on Earth. First we have the Indian, deliverer of swells to West Oz, Indonesia and elsewhere, and the Pacific, that big blue beautiful behemoth that gives good times to Australia’s East Coast, all those gold and green dots of paradise in its middle, and South/Central/North America’s West Coasts.

To do these two oceans justice we travel to Bali to see what the heck the Russians are doing there, over to Java to chase unridden monsters on the back of motorbikes, into Fiji to get shacked in paradise, Easter Island to see what it’s like where the wild men roam, up to Mexico, back to Tahiti, over to PNG… It’s one helluva ride.

We also chat to Gold Coast local Ash Keillah about his road to recovery, admire the exotic beauty of Reunion Island native Ophélie Ah Kouen, find out why plastic is no good for anyone, and dip our toes in the five most remote surf zones on this big, blue, wonderful planet of ours.

Surfing Life 299 is all about getting wet in the world’s greatest bodies of water, so why don’t you go and get wet and then let the post-surf seawater drip from nose all over its pages.


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