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Surfing Life #298 July '13


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In 298 we explore the latest instalment in the “death defying Teahupo’o swells” series, travel with Kelly and co. to some South Australian slabs, fly Lion Air to Sumbawa with Wilko, Ace and Micro a week after the airline ditches at Airport Rights, chat to 14 year old Riley Laing, Paul Fisher and Oney Anwar and wax lyrical on what can go wrong in Indonesia, inspired by Brett Archibald.


We give Andrew Mooney and Brett Dorrington the floor and let them talk about life after major sponsorship, and Micro lets us in on the world of his less-than-ambitious travel bucket list.

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All in all, Surfing Life issue 298 is about remaining positive when dealing with life’s ups, downs and overboards. Team SL

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