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Surfing Life #297 June'13


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BELLS AND WHISTLES If there’s one thing Surfing Life ever gets accused of it’s that we don’t show enough love to the southern states. Being up here in Queensland surfing in boardies all year round means sometimes we forget about the hardcore guys down the bottom of the country who battle meaty waves in inch-thick rubber.

Surfing Life 297 is our reply. We took the team to Bells for the annual Easter Rally, witnessed one of the best darn competitions in years, and made a magazine based around the experience. We enlisted Dean Brady and Jack Perry to do the best review of all things rubber you could hope for, we toasted the superb success of Adriano de Souza and Carissa Moore, and we investigated the dark past of the Surfcoast Shire.

Elsewhere in the magazine Matt Wilkinson takes us on a very disturbing tour of Torquay; we find out what Jeff Rowley has to say to his critics; Dusty Payne teaches us the art of the finner; we meet Ben Cryan, the superhuman who overcame the worst surfing accident you’ll ever hear of; and we introduce Duke Tubesteak, the surfing world’s most scarily realistic superhero.

Finally, so that no state can ever again accuse us of leaving them out, we do a 12-page pictorial lap of the nation to round things out.


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