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Surfing Life 294 hits shelves on the cusp of World Tour’s relaunch, and in the issue we take a look into the future. By examining the events of 2012 we predict happenings in 2013 and beyond. Will wave pools and big wave events fuel competition in years to come? Are backflips the new cutbacks, can Joel Parkinson defend his title?

Wavepools ain’t no new thing, but in 2012 it became apparent they’re about to get a LOT better. Andrew Lewis’ An Open Letter To The Future Of Surfing explores how man-made waves will change the game, and what it will mean for performance, and how it can best be packaged when the new crew from ZoSea media take over the broadcast rights in 2014.

In Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Surfing Life’s articulate armchair critic Wade Gravy reflects on the year just gone and draws outlandish conclusions about what’s up ahead. Dane’s Reynolds’ return, Parko’s destiny, Brazilians, big surf and Kelly … what does it all mean?

Matt Meola and Albee Layer’s careers both took off after they each took out Taylor Steele’s Innersection contest, two years in a row, and they now feature in pixels on pages around the globe. At their level a moderate ego is expected, but when Nathan Myers visits them on Maui he found that’s not the case at all.

Over summer Australia and Hawaii csimultaneously turned on, and our photo account was inundated. Taj Burrow, Jack Freestone, Ozzie Wright and Shane Dorian filled our hard drive and now they fill your pages.

Elsewhere in the mag Mitch Coleborn shows us his fins, and we catch up with Mark Healey, Ben Wilkinson and Greg Long, three big wave legends with many a story to tell.

Big issues, big waves, and a big future up ahead, Surfing Life 294 is all about it.

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