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The New Deal
With a fresh format in place Surfing Life 287 centres on all that’s new in surfing; the personalities, nations, brands and vices of today, all under the microscope.
In 2012 surf brands are losing their grip on the market. A power vacuum is emerging and non-endemics are staking claims. Is a total take-over imminent? We bring you the latest on surfing’s stock price.
With the advent of social media pro surfers have never been so accessible to fans. One Surfing Life correspondent developed an obsession with the online world, documenting his exploits along the way. He became friends with Kelly Slater, enemies with Jamie O’Brien, and endured much abuse. It’s an experiment that’ll leave you logging on for more.
Meanwhile, Nick Carroll investigates the rise of gambling in surfing and asks the question: will someone ever throw a heat?
Elsewhere in the magazine a mysterious Indonesian jungle right roars to life, and Bilabong’s Adventure Division dive right in. If reading about it ain’t enough, the issue comes with a DVD of the heavy water mission too.
Remember Jay Phillips? The Coolie Kids’ forerunner from Fingal? He’s been through turbulent times but is back in the brine with stories aplenty to tell. Also this issue the modern king of Coolangatta, Mick Fanning, takes Australia’s next wave of talent on a training run up the coast.
Surfing Life 287 was all but complete when Cloudbreak super-sized during the Volcom Fiji Pro. As gigantic waves bulldozed the reef the contest was called off yet the webcast kept rolling. Commentators and fans were split. Should the ’CT have run? Are the tour surfers the best surfers in the world? A new issue arose to give SL 287 its garnish, backed with the heaviest shots to strafe the surfing world this year.
We hope you enjoy this magazine as much as we dug pulling it together, ’cos we think it’s a good one.
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