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ASL #271 APR'11


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  • Taj And Co Do The P-Pass Detox– Taj Burrow, Jay Davies, Wade Goodall and Dean Brady have a eventful New Years.
  • Where The Bloody Hell Are You?– Bede Durbidge finds new waves in his own backyard.
  • Kirra Cometh– Cyclone swell pushes straight into Kirra and Mick and mates are the first to take charge.
  • Bustin’ Out Bondi– Despite being one of Australia’s least desirable wave riding locations, Bondi houses many pro surfers.
  • Narrabean There, Done That– Post World Juniors, ASL takes a bunch of groms on a old fashion roadtrip.
  • Sweet, Sweet Bianca– When a Cyclone hits the south-west coast, the local boys surf their brains out.
  • Bonus ASL Hawaiian DVD All Instinct
  • Plus massive double sided poster featuring Cold Water Classic in NZ and Ellie Gonsalves.

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