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It was the moment when professional surfing became magnificent. The moment beamed into living rooms around the world, from New York to New Guinea. Mick Fanning underwater, a giant fin; Julian Wilson paddling towards the melee. At that moment the world knew what we always had – that surfing is bigger than each and every one of us. That we’re a tribe and we protect our own. It took a giant, hungry fish to show the world the brotherhood of surf.

In this special edition of Surfing Life we hear from Mick and we hear from Jules and we put the two legends on our cover. We chat to a former WSL psychologist and a shark scientist. We get to the bottom of the attack/encounter/mistake and find out what the implications are for Mick and Julian and us. We’re not trying to flog a dead horse here, but this stuff needs to live in print. You should be able to rip out the pages and stick them on your wall. These guys are legends and what they did was legendary.

Once again Mick has proved the perfect role model. A kid from Penrith can win World Titles if he works hard enough. He can also punch a shark and avoid being dinner; Julian has showed that we should always back our mates – two exemplary surfers being just who we want to be, let’s learn from them.

But we gotta move on, and so on to Indonesia we go. Ninety nine problems but the waves aren’t one. In this issue we give you a cruisey guide to Indo’s problems. From drug smugglers and terrorists, to natural disasters and corruption, and so much more. We don’t want to preach, we just want you to know about our nearest neighbour and everything crazy that goes on there. It ain’t all barrels and paradise, although the waves do try and tell a different story. We also want to show you the best pics from the best swells to hit Indo in recent years.

Staying in the archipelago, we head to Indonesia’s southernmost island on a strike mission with some of Australia’s best up-and-comers. We went looking for waves, but found so much more. Where did we go and what was it? It’s in the mag, but trust us, it’ll make you rethink your next Indo trip.

Objectify me, Space Boiee, the biggest waves ridden in Australia and a little bit more round the magazine our. It’s a doozy.

SL 324 is all about surfing’s brotherhood and our love affair with Indonesia. It’s a magazine that’s going to have a long life in every Australian surfer’s collection. Look for the Mick and Julian cuddle on the cover. On sale now.

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