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Surfing Life 308 – all the world is a book, and everything about surf travel is in this magazine.
Travelling is in Surfing Life’s DNA. Whether it’s a quick jaunt down the coast to avoid the dreaded nor’easter, or shipping ourselves off to some rarely-surfed equatorial heck-hole, we Surfing Lifers spend as much time as possible on the road. We need it, we need it to stave off the inevitable march of obesity towards our waistlines, we need it to keep our shredding up to scratch while old age tightens the screws on our joints. Travel keeps us young, alive, keeps our minds curious and active.
And most of all, travel helps us get really, really tubed.
The Travel Bible is about all aspects of moving from the place to place, looking for surf. We start off by taking some high-flying super groms to an island off the far east of Asia. They score perfect waves, and play plenty of Pokémon.
Tim Baker talks us through the discovery, and eventual popularisation, of Lance’s Right in the Mentawis. Roger Sharp cuts us loose in the Southern Maldives, where we find, but then immediately lose, waves.
Mariah Ernst takes us through a rollicking Hemmingway-esque recollection of being young, gorgeous and foreign in Indonesia, and Michael Kew takes us to Tuvalu. Tuva-who? Yep.
Then Stuart Butler travels with us through the Congo, finding waves, and challenging our preconceptions on what is supposed to be one of the most dangerous parts of the world. Rewarding surf travel can happen in the places you least expect it.
Also, like every year, we’ve included a list of the best surf trip operators on the planet, for when you just don’t feel like being adventurous. In this Travel Bible we wanted to cover all aspects of going places to surf, from the most intrepid, to the deepest depths of luxury – there’s something in there for each and every one of us.
Now start reading it, so you can start planning your next trip.

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